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Competencies covered

MSFFL2011: Select, operate and maintain grinding equipment

Just for fun

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In the lesson Selecting the tooling, we looked at a 'Diamond selection table' from a Husqvarna operator's manual.

Although the recommendations provided in the table are specific to the grinding machine covered by that operator's manual, they do provide a good general guide to the tooling used for various applications.

Below are some excerpts from that table. See if you can remember what the suggested bonds, grit sizes and set-ups were for the various applications.

Select your answer from the drop-down list in each cell. When you've finished, see how you went by clicking 'Check your answers'.

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ApplicationMetal bondGrit sizeSet-up
Flatten undulations - hard concreteSOFT16 or 30Full set
Flatten undulations - medium concreteMEDIUM16 or 30Full set
Flatten undulations - soft concreteHARD16 or 30Full set
Vinyl or carpet glue removal - hard concreteSOFT16 or 30Half set
Vinyl or carpet glue removal - medium concreteMEDIUM6 or 16Half set
Vinyl or carpet glue removal - soft concreteHARD6 or 16Half set