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MSFFL2021: Install lay flat vinyl floor coverings


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In the unit Planning and costing we talked about the sorts of documents you need to take with you when you go out to the site on installation day.

The main document is the floor covering plan, which sets out the details relating to how the flooring will be installed.

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You should always show the client the floor covering plan before you start a new project.

This gives them the opportunity to identify any issues that they may not be happy with, or weren't expecting, before it's too late to make any changes.

Some companies require the client to formally approve the plan by signing a copy.

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Job sheet

It's normal practice for the installer to be given a job sheet by the contracting company.

A lot of the information is the same as in the floor covering plan, but there are also details relating to the specific products used and arrangements that have been made with the client.

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The job sheet should include:

  • jobsite address and contact details of the person in charge

  • brand names and descriptions of the floor coverings to be laid

  • details of other products to be used, including underlay, adhesive and trims

  • seam placement and other installation details

  • subfloor preparation required

  • furniture and appliances to be moved

  • unusual site conditions or potential problems.
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Warranties and maintenance advice

Most flooring installation companies provide their clients with a written warranty as part of the contract documentation.

The warranty sets out the conditions under which the company will come back and fix problems that have occurred due to poor quality workmanship or faulty materials.

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Hand in hand with the warranty conditions is the maintenance advice.

This includes instructions on how to protect the floor immediately after installation, as well as general care and cleaning advice.

It often comes in the form of a brochure produced by the flooring manufacturer.

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It's important that you make sure the client understands the warranty conditions and maintenance advice.

This not only helps them to do the right thing and enjoy the long-lasting performance of their floor, it also helps you to avoid a call back at some time in the future from a disgruntled customer!

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The reason these two documents go together is because the warranty needs to be clear about who is 'liable' - or legally responsible - for particular types of problems.

For example, it is the client's responsibility to follow the manufacturer's advice on how to maintain the floor and keep it in good condition.

If they don't follow the advice and the floor suffers some sort of damage as a result, they can't expect the warranty to cover their expenses.

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Learning activity

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What sorts of documents do you take with you to the jobsite?

Name each of the documents and list its purpose.

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