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Competencies covered

MSFFL2006: Prepare, select and apply smoothing and patching compounds

MSFFL2007: Select and apply appropriate compounds and additives

MSFFL2009: Select, prepare and apply moisture barriers and damp proof membranes to concrete sub-floors




Above grade slab

suspended concrete slab above ground level


see 'conditioning'


having a pH or more than 7

Below grade slab

concrete slab below ground level


process of placing floor covering products in the room they are going to be installed in so that their moisture content and temperature can find a balance with the surrounding environment

Feather edge

edge that tapers back to a minimal thickness, avoiding a 'step' in the thickness.


underlayment with extra aggregate used to fill low spots and depressions in a subfloor


abbreviation for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

Impact Resistance

degree to which a floor covering recovers from an indentation created by dropping an object onto the material or placing a static load on top


a milky deposit on the surface of concrete, often caused by over-watering the fresh concrete

Non porous surface

substrate surface that is not porous and therefore will not absorb water

On grade

concrete slab at ground level


fast setting compound used to fill joints, holes and cracks in sub-floors

Porous surface

surface that will allow water and other liquids to seep through and absorb into the material underneath (or above)


resilient floor covering with an aspect ratio greater than 2: 1.


measure of a floor covering's ability to return to its original shape and gauge after heavy foot traffic, dropped objects or static loads.


uneven surface appearance in a floor covering


translucent resin obtained from the oleoresin or dead wood of pine trees


patterns with matching halves that are the same or 'mirror images' of each other


a board laid on top of the subfloor to provide a smooth, even surface for the floor covering to be installed on top


a smoothing compound or levelling compound applied to the surface of the subfloor to provide a smooth, even surface for the floor covering to be laid on top


wave-like ridges and troughs in the floor surface