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Competencies covered

MSFFL3023: Apply solvent-based coatings to timber flooring

MSFFL3024: Apply water-based coatings to timber flooring

MSFFL3025: Apply oil-based coatings to timber flooring

MSFFL3046: Apply finishes to cork flooring

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Below is a table listing four commonly-used coating types:

Oil-based: Oil based finishes

OMU: Oil modified urethanes

Poly - solvent: 2-pack solvent-borne polyurethanes

Poly - water: 2-pack water-borne polyurethanes

In the left hand column are some of the main properties that can vary between these different coating types.

Rate each of these properties correctly for the four coating types by choosing: low, medium, high or very high from the drop down menu.

Click on 'Check your answer' when you've finished, or at any time while you're working through the properties, to see how you've gone.

This exercise is based on a table called 'Coating selection chart' in the Timber Flooring booklet, published by ATFA. See the Introduction page for more details on how to purchase a copy.

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PropertyOil-basedOMUPoly - solventPoly - water
Wear resistancelow medium very high high
Ability to cure in cold/damp weatherlow lowhighlow
Edge bonding resistancehigh mediumlowmedium
VOC emission on applicationhighmediumhighlow
Odour on applicationmedium mediumvery highmedium
General product costlow mediummediumvery high