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Competencies covered

MSFFL2017: Install carpet cushion underlays and gripper accessories

MSFFL2018: Install unpatterned tufted and bonded carpet floor coverings


Your trainer may ask you to complete this assignment as one of the assessment requirements for this unit. For more information about the assessment process and advice on what to do if you need help with your reading and writing, go to Assessment requirements.

  1. Draw up a simple floor covering plan of the installation you will undertake as one of your practical demonstration events. If your company had already prepared a floor covering plan, you may submit a copy of it as your plan.

    The plan should show the following details:

    • floor covering and cushion underlay to be installed

    • positioning of seams and joins

    • direction of the carpet pile

    • types of trims and accessories to be used

    • subfloor preparations required

    • any special features of the job.
  1. Provide details on the following aspects of the installation:

    1. Subfloor preparation:

      • type of subfloor and brief description of its original condition

      • work required to prepare it for the carpet installation

      • brand names of any preparation products used, such as patching and levelling compounds, primers, etc.

    2. Carpet grippers:

      • description of gripper strips, including type and total quantity

      • method (or methods) used to fix the gripper strips to the subfloor

    3. Cushion underlay:

      • brand name and manufacturer of underlay

      • brief summary of its technical specifications, including type, classification and thickness

      • method used to secure it to the subfloor, including details of the fasteners used.